Camping Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at pitching up or this is your first taste of clocking off in a camper, here’s what we recommend.

Finding campsites

Here are some of our top recommendations for websites and apps to find and book campsites:


Cool Camping : Discover travel destinations and find and book campsites across the UK and Europe.

Pitchup : Find and book campsites across the UK and Europe.

National Trust Camping : Find campsites in beautiful locations across the UK.

UKcampsite : Find thousands of campsites across the UK.

Camping in the Forest : Find forest campsites across the UK.

ACSI Euro Campings : Search and book campsites across Europe.



Park4Night : Search and discover campsites, scenic park up spots, farm stays and service areas. Available as an app or web platform.

SearchForSites : Find independent campsites, nature spots, pub stopovers and tourist attractions. Available as an app or web platform.


Alternatives to campsites


Britstops is a book and network of motorhome stopovers – country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, museums, etc. all offering a free stopover through the Brit Stops scheme. The book/ scheme can be purchased from the Britstop website.

Wild camping

What is wild camping?

Wild camping is an overnight stay, not on a campsite whereby you find a location off the beaten track and camp amongst nature.

Is wild camping legal?

Wild camping is only legal in England and Wales if you have been granted permission by the landowner and every bit of land is owned by a private individual.

Therefore, if you plan on wild camping we suggest you find places via the vast range of websites and apps and always ask permission of the land owners if the location is not strictly a campsite!

The National Parks Authority forbid wild camping within any National Parks of England and Wales.

What to pack

We recommend packing into soft luggage bags to make loading up the campervan easier!

Safe and responsible tourism

Driving a Clock Off Campervan

Rules of the road

Driving is on the left throughout UK & Ireland. So, make sure to pay extra attention at crossroads and roundabouts. Always turn left onto a roundabout and give way to traffic approaching from the right.

Seat belts must be worn at all times and by everyone in the vehicle.

Overtake on the right unless there is a steady solid white line which means no overtaking.

Don’t be tempted to tailgate to make the driver in front go faster. If the traffic needs to break suddenly you may require a longer stopping distance than your normal vehicle to avoid a collision

It is illegal to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving and will incur a hefty fine.

The laws on drink driving are very strict and penalties are high. The legal limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood which is approximately 1 pint of beer.

On the road safety:

Always remember to take regular breaks whilst driving especially when traveling long distances.

In some parts of Ireland, road signs are posted in both English and Irish.

Be aware that many roads in rural areas are single track and are so small that one vehicle will have to pull over to let the other pass.

It is also easy to underestimate the time it takes to drive between two points. Roads are small, windy and often congested and it is common to be held up by a tractor, locals chatting or even a flock of sheep! Please exercise particular caution when driving.

Leave out the left of the vehicle (if broken down in the UK)

Safe camping:

Our hire campervans come with full instructions on how to use each piece of equipment safely. Pay particular attention to ensuring the following are used responsibly:

  • The stove cooker
  • The battery and solar panel
  • The fresh & waste water tanks
  • The portable toilet
  • The side awning
  • The roof vent

Know where you are:

When you are camping it is important to let someone know where you’re heading.

As camping can sometimes be slightly off-grid, we recommend downloading ‘what 3 words’ app so that you can find, share and save your precise location.


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