What do I need to do before pick up?

4 days before pickup we will require the security deposit to be transferred to us via a traceable bank account in the hirer’s name. At this time we will also require the last 8 digits of your drivers license number and a DVLA licence check code for each driver  (this can be retrieved from https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence). This enables us to run a license check and to confirm you do not have any records on your license that breach the hire agreement.

Please note, if a license check code is not provided ahead of pickup we are unable to insure you on our campervans and we therefore cannot allow you to hire a campervan. This will result in a cancellation of your booking without a refund.

Likewise, if we find any records on your license that breach our hire agreement ahead of pickup, we are unable to insure you on our campervans and will result in a cancellation of your booking without a refund. Therefore, it is really important you familiarise yourself with our hire agreement and terms and conditions ahead of booking.

What time is pickup and drop off?

Pickup and drop off is between 9am-12pm. We will contact you ahead of your trip to confirm a more specific time within that range that you would like to pickup and drop off your campervan.

Unfortunately, if you choose to drop off your vehicle early we are unable to offer a refund on the hours or days lost.

What if i’m late to pick up/ drop off?

If you know you are going to be late to the agreed pickup or drop off time, please make us aware as soon as possible. As a small business, we are able to be slightly flexible as we understand trains and traffic can cause delays. However, if you arrive to pickup or drop off past 12pm then there is a £40 charge, for every hour you are late.

Do I have to return the campervan with a full fuel tank?

You are required to return the campervan with a full tank of fuel, however we understand when driving back to the drop off location it’s difficult to ensure the tank is completely full upon drop off. Therefore, we require our campervans to be returned with at the fuel tank at least 80% full.

 If vehicles are returned without a 80% full tank of diesel fuel, the Hirer will be charged for each litre of fuel at a rate of £1.60 per litre.

How long does the pick up and drop off process take?

You can expect the pickup process to take around 45 minutes. This gives us time to get each driver to read and sign the hire agreement (this will also be sent to you ahead of pickup to familiarise yourself) as well as show you how certain features of the campervan work and answer any questions you may have so you are comfortable with the van before hitting the road!

The drop off process will also be around 45 minutes, giving us time to retrieve the keys and do an initial vehicle condition inspection for any obvious damage, you are then free to head home while we undertake a more thorough inspection.

What am I required to bring to pick up?

Two forms of ID must be provided from the hirer and every additional driver upon collection of the vehicle. The following documentation is acceptable proof of address alongside one utility bill/statement; 

  1. a) Council Tax bill/statement 
  2. b) TV / internet/ landline telephone bill (including Sky/Virgin/BT etc) 
  3. c) Bank Statement 
  4. d) Credit Card Statement 
  5. e) Mortgage Statement 

The proofs of address provided must be dated within 90 days of the hire date and have the same address appearing on the driving licence. 


All drivers must also provide copies of both the front and back of the driving licence for licences issued from mainland UK and a DVLA license check code (this can be retained from (https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence) 4 days before hire commencement. Clock Off Ltd reserves the right to use this information to run a DVLA Online Licence Check. 

All drivers must also bring these physical licenses and forms of ID to vehicle collection.

For Non-UK licence holders/residents, two forms of ID with matching addresses must be provided as above, plus copies of the licence both front and back and one other form of photographic ID must be provided 4 days before hire commencement. All Non-UK License holders must bring this physical licence and two forms of ID to vehicle collection.

What is required from me upon drop off?

You are required to bring the vehicle and all of its hireable content back to the agreed drop off location with the fuel tank being at least 80% full. We will then request you hand the keys back and notify of any known damage or loss of equipment.