What if we want to add a driver during our trip?

Unfortunately, all drivers must be declared during the online booking process. If you would like to add a driver after the online booking process, but ahead of the pickup, please contact us at clockoffcampers@outlook.com. We need at least 5 working days notice to enable us to run any relevant checks.

As all drivers are required to sign our hire agreement in person in order to validate the insurance of that driver on the vehicle, we are unable to add drivers to the insurance once you have picked up the campervan.

Should we bring suitcases or soft bags?

Our campervans are compact with plenty of storage space. For the sake of optimising this storage space, we recommend you pack your belongings in soft bags!

Can I plug the campervan into an electric Hook Up at a Campsite or home?

Our campervans do not come with electric hookup capability. However, the leisure system in our campervans is powered by a 100w solar panel on the roof of the vehicle. Therefore, if the sun is shining the battery is charging!

If you would like to have access to mains power then we do provide a mains hookup kit as an optional extra. This is essentially an outdoor extension lead that plugs into your campsite pitch electrics port (you will likely have to book a pitch with Electric Hook Up/ EHU).

Note: it doesn’t have to be bright sun for the battery to charge – generally speaking the solar panel will bring in charge throughout the day for as long as it is day light, you will just see more energy come in the sunnier it is!

Where can I park?

You can park anywhere that legally permits parking or anywhere that you have the land owners permission. Our campervans are small and compact and can therefore fit nicely inside your standard parking space!

How easy is the vehicle to drive and park?

Our compact campervans are around the same length as the average hatchback car! This means driving and parking can be done with ease and great manoeuvrability. Our campervans fit perfectly in a single parking spot so you don’t need to worry about squeezing in amongst other vehicles!

Where can I camp and sleep?

You can sleep in your campervan at any campsite in which you have booked. If you are wanting to wild camp, please be aware it is not legal in the UK without landowners permission. If you are to wild camp without permission this could invalid your insurance and put you in breach of our hire agreement.

What campsite information is provided?

Various travel books come included in our campervan hire to inspire you on where to travel and pitch up. If you would like support on where to travel, get in touch via email at clockoffcampers@outlook.com

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

It is an offence to smoke in our hire campervans. If anyone is found to have smoked in the hire vehicle during the trip there will be £300 deducted from your deposit.